FLUX ChoreoLab

The Company At Pioneer Valley Ballet


Pioneer Valley Ballet is excited to announce the return of the mission-based program, FLUX ChoreoLab: boundless adventures in unexpected places.

PVB dancers at Movement in the Orchard

Our Mission

Launched in July 2015, the mission of FLUX ChoreoLab is to bring affordable, professional dance performances to new audiences in accessible everyday venues; including neighborhood parks, museums, and parking lots.

By taking dance out of the traditional theatrical venue, FLUX ChoreoLab places the audience directly in relationship to the performance space, and asks them to re-imagine their place within it.

FLUX ChoreoLab seeks to foster a sense of interconnectedness; between the performances and the audience, the audience and the space, and among the individual audience members.

Our goal is to bring dance and ballet to the wider public in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

Our Future

We plan to develop this sense of interconnectedness further, by offering a customized extension to the program. In one town, the dancers might be working with local children, while another might see an audience-participatory warm up designed for elders.

This program fulfills two big goals for PVB: to introduce new, contemporary ballet to the Pioneer Valley, and to give voice to the local, thriving dance community.

Doing both of these things simultaneously is very exciting.

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