My name is Olivia Rudd and I am 18 years old. I am in the advanced level at Pioneer Valley Ballet and have been dancing here since I was 11 years old. After only 1 year of ballet, I decided to study at PVB because I was looking for something more serious.

I love Pioneer Valley Ballet.  I enjoy the long hours of dancing, the variety of places we get to perform, and it where I get to be with my friends. It is now like my second home.

My favorite memory I have from PVB is the moment right before every performance. We work hard for months, our teachers push us, and we are tired but filled with adrenaline. Right before the curtain rises, the stress seems to disappear.  The feeling of being connected with each other and in the positive vibes of the theatre are like no other feeling, its amazing!

Olivia Rudd as the Soldier Doll in PVB’s 2018 production of The Nutcracker.

PVB taught me discipline, integrity, dealing with difficult situations, and to breathe. I have learned that if you are doing what you love and everyone around you is joining in that activity, the bond between people is inseparable. I’ve learned that I can be ready for just about any interaction because of the many relationships I’ve created at PVB.

How has PVB influenced my life? That is a loaded question, because I can go on and on about my life and how it is that much better when I am dancing. I am not totally sure what my future college plans are but I will continue to prioritize dance as much as I can, including ballet and other styles of dance. I want to make my dancing a positive thing in someone else’s life. I want to make a change in the community around me.

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