My name is Brynn Goggins. I am 17 years old and a member of the advanced division at Pioneer Valley Ballet. I have been dancing at PVB for the past ten years. I first decided to come to PVB because Erin Diggins, my best friend now and at the time, was dancing there and encouraged me to try it out.

Brynn Goggins and Erin Diggins

Brynn Goggins (left) and Erin Diggins as young dancers.

Initially the performances were my favorite part of ballet. I particularly loved being able to participate in the holiday tradition of The Nutcracker.

One amazing thing about PVB is the opportunities it offers for dancers to personally interact with children. There is nothing better than talking to the bright-eyed young dancers who have just watched their first performance, and hoping that some day ballet will impact their lives as much as it did mine.

As I’ve gotten older, though I still love the performances just as much, I’ve begun to appreciate the simple daily conversations and laughs before and after class which have brought us all to be so close. The most special part of PVB is the environment. It feels as if the students and teachers are one big family. Now, my favorite memories are not only the moments performed on stage, but also the little ones shared with all my best friends backstage and in the dressing rooms.

Brynn Goggins en pointe

 Brynn en pointe in the sunshine.

In addition to its physical benefits, my training at PVB had taught me dedication, discipline, focus, critical thinking, perseverance, time management, respect, and numerous other critical and applicable life skills. Ballet has kept me grounded and, most importantly, has given me confidence in myself and my strength. PVB has influenced my life in countless ways. It has brought me my closest friends, and together we have formed a bond that I am sure will last for many years.

This fall I will be attending Brown University to study Health and Human Biology. I truly believe that I could not have done this without the support from PVB and the lessons I have learned from my time there. I plan to continue dancing throughout my life in any way possible. Ballet has been such a huge aspect of my life that I can not imagine ever giving it up.

Brynn Goggins Headshot

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